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We present to you a special treat: an exclusive and elegant collection of Bumblebee Necklaces. The epitome of delicacy and style, the necklaces are made with consideration for your tastes.

The Bumblebee necklaces can be worn with any assembles and you’re sure to be the talk of the night in any gathering, be it formal or casual hangouts!

Inspired by Bumble Bee

Be it our gold bumble bee necklace or the silver one, they are all inspired by the elegance of bumblebees.

Designed and polished to resemble the sparkle and honey sweetness of the beautiful bees, the necklaces are sure to enhance your overall aesthetics.
Spread your wings and fly from flower to flower, be the spotlight as you ooze charming, fancy, and classy vibes. Take full advantage of our limited edition bumble bee necklaces and show your love for these precious creatures!


We offer numerous fabulous bumble bee necklace designs with sparkling rhinestones. Our two show stealing designs include: Rhinestone Fancy Necklace and Rhinestone Silver Necklace.

With 100% lasting quality and stones that can shine even in the darkest of the nights, each of the bumble bee necklace silver is a masterpiece.

You would never regret buying them as you wear these necklaces, making your appeal go from wow to breathtakingly amazing real quick!


Zirconia is a precious gem and we’ve especially included it in our tiffany bumble bee necklace collection to further enhance your charismatic personality, Feel like a queen. Or even, buy the necklace for your friends and family and make them feel loved and adored while they flaunt the graceful necklaces.

Made from pure silver, the zirconia gold and silver bumble bee necklaces are sure to wow the crowd. The zirconia honeybee necklace is also a decent and feminine piece that will go perfectly well with all kinds of outfits!

Gold Bumblebee

Our limited edition necklace variety is all hand finished. We pay extra attention to ensure they’re designed to utmost perfection, a combination of iconic style as well as snugness.

We want you to feel a luxurious comfort and our gold necklace is hence made to offer you just that.

The limelight of this range is our Gold Pendant. It’s a major hit that you can adorn in even the most formal of the gatherings like weddings or more laid back ones like parties and brunches.

The pendant is also the perfect gift you could give to your loved ones as their wedding, engagement or even birthday gifts!

Vintage Style

What’s a great fashion if it isn’t versatile and timeless, right? That’s precisely the reason we strive to create perfectly vintage necklaces. Add in bumble bee inspiration, and it gets even more perfect!

Our vintage collection also comes in different colors. This way, you can buy what suits your fancy the most. Your utmost satisfaction is our priority, after all!

Our bumble bee rose gold is, hands down, one of the most favored and well sought pieces. We say, you grab yours right away before the limited edition goes out of stock!

Silver and Gold Edition

A versatile and timeless fashion, our bumblebee necklace collection also comes with an exclusive Silver and Gold Collection.

Each of our bumble bee necklace gold and bumble bee necklace silver is intricate and peculiar. With color schemes the epitome of long lasting fashion, we assure you, their color will never fade. Their quality is exceptional and the stones used are marvelous and shiny.

The collection is based on humming bees, queen bees, and honey bees. Our sterling silver bumble bee necklace making contains 925 silver sterling. The gold bumble bee necklace collection making goes to 24K gold!

Trust us, you will shine like real ethereal bees and make heads turn with the simplistic exquisiteness.

Saving the Bumble Bees

Bees are such delicate and soft creatures that you can’t help fall in love with them. From their buzzing to their peculiar black and golden body, what’s not to love, right?

Even more so, they have such important contributions in the environment. Let’s never forget how it’s because of them we are able to consume heavenly sugary honey, right?

Therefore, our bumble bee necklace for UK range aims to increase awareness and protect bees from getting endangered and extinct. Join us in our good cause and educate others too. It’s the small efforts that help bring a better and bigger change!

Free Shipping around the Globe

Let nothing come in way as you add our necklace collection in your cart. No matter where you live, we offer you free worldwide shipping.

Don’t hesitate and order from us right away. Whatever catches your eye, be it the bumble bee pandora, rose gold or silver necklace.

This is your time to shine and flaunt these pretty necklaces and glow with exuberance!

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