Heart Bee Comb necklace


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The sterling silver honey bee necklace is adorned with fine stones and a unique heart-shaped pendant to give a charming look.

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  • Pendants whit chain
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About 925 Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver is a valuable metal cherished throughout history for its beauty, durability, naturally aseptic and timelessness. And It is the excellent choice for people with sensitive skin to get sterling silver jewelry over other types of metals, especially in ear piercings.


Denoted by the standard 925, it refers to the 92.5% content of pure silver in the metal, the other 7.5% usually consists of other metals, which does not change silver’s color but adds to its hardness. As 99.9% pure silver is typically too soft for jewelry and it can easily be bent, scratched or damaged, so 925 sterling silver item is much more common and popular.



Caring For Sterling Silver Jewelry


* Store it in a jewelry box or cloth bag to avoid oxidation when you don’t wear it.


* keep away with other metal jewelry when wearing to avoid collision or abrasion.


* Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals like bleach or household cleaning products and even wood surfaces.


* Use silver polishing cloth to wipe it if it has been oxidized and turning into black to maintain luster1437241684_233309903

Heart Bee Comb necklace

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